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Welcome to 8 Ball Players - A MiniClip 8 Ball Pool Multiplayer Community. This page will act as a front door to the Forum with news and headlines linked to the forum post and will be Updated Daily. There will be no advertising on this site, the only website we are here to promote is the Miniclip Games Site and it's Forum. We are also providing extra features for the forum and pool playing community, including our Chatroom and the soon to be unveiled, 8 Ball Pool Hall Of Fame an image and video hosting gallery site. So, if you want to play some of the best pool players on the net, set up challenge matches or enter some of the many tournaments just Check Out The Forum, it's Totally FREE and join in.

About Miniclip Games

The best free online games site. Play with friends and earn Miniclip Credits. Use Credits to buy power-ups, upgrade features and customise your game play. You could also install the Miniclip Gamebar on your browser to gain free weekly credits.
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Miniclip also provide free games for your Android and iPhone.

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Breaking News

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Statement From Miniclip Regarding The Forum
In essence it states that the VBulletin Forum was too vulnerable, they are building their own new forum, looking for ideas to incorporate into it and it could be some months before it appears online so keep using the Temporary Forum til then.
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Coming Soon

Within the next week or so, we will be adding free image and video hosting where you can post images of your stats or videos of your matches for other users to browse your gallery and will be known as The 8Ball Pool Hall Of Fame. You will be able to link the images and videos in the forum individually or link to your whole personal gallery.

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8BallPlayers & MiniClip Forum News....

Sep 26
Well, the site has had a bit of a facelift, with the new colour scheme to match the MiniClip Forums. Let us know what you think of it in our newly added comments box. The comments box can also be used to set up challenge matches or inform us of your tournament wins, find new opponents, basically, it can be used however you want. Feel free to utilise this new feature.
Sep 20
Miniclip Forum is now back online but our thanks go to King-Ole for setting up the Temporary Forum. We will now be able to bring you Tournament News and news of challenges. This was the announcement from Tetsumonchi I am delighted to announce that the Miniclip Forums are up and running again. I would like to extend a huge thank you to Miniclip for all their hard work in fixing and restoring our forum! And once again, to King Ole, for keeping the community together while the repairs were being carried out. See you all over there! -Tetsu More HERE >>>

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8BallPlayers Chatroom

If you want to talk some pool real time or you want to chat while you play, you can use our new chatroom. With it's latest voice feature you can talk with your opponent and give running commentary to the rest of the chatroom. Also comes with pop out feature and can be used with either Java or Flash.
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Featured Match Video

Dentinho16667 Chalks Up His 1,000th Tournament Win !


Featured Match Video

Dynamite25567 hits his 20,000th win to become Double Legend

Featured Match Video

Triple Legend Sunidhifan plays his 50,000th game.

Breaking News..... or Deja Vu

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The Official MiniClip Forum Is Down Again
We are now back at the Temporary Forum set up by KING-OLE
Keep checking back for further updates.

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8 Ball Pool Leader Board For September Now Up
MiniClip has just published the September 8 Ball Pool Top 100 Leaderboard. Are you on it? Click the picture above to see the full Top 100.

Find out what the players are saying about it
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Amazing MiniClip 8 Ball Facts

8 Ball Facts

21 MiniClip 8 Ball Pool Facts
Assembled here are all those little snippets of 8 Ball information that appear on your screen when waiting for your next opponent in the 8,16 and 32 player tournaments.
For Forum organised tournaments

Top 100 Board

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8 Ball Pool Leader Board For August Now Up
MiniClip's Facebook Page has just published the August 8 Ball Pool Top 100 Leaderboard. Are you on it? Check out Scott's Legends Gallery HERE >>>
Or, for MiniClip does Facebook,
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The New Ninja Table - Play With Stealth & Silence

The Latest Table Pattern From The Miniclip Designers
Not personally a fan of table designs, far too distracting for me - had to get myself a red cloth to overide everyone else's table!

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